In-depth Analytic Reports

Our economic reports are specifically designed to ensure that your company’s decision-makers, strategists and financial managers are fully informed of significant political events, movements in fundamental economic and financial indicators, as well as their implications for the economy, business and consumers.

Macro & Sector Analysis

Econometric Forecasts

Quarterly Reports

Scenario & Risk Models

Weekly Analysis & Alerts

Economic Impact Analysis

Data Visualisation

Benchmarking & Indexing

Subscription Packages

Always stay up to date with the latest economic figures, insights and forecasts. Our full range of economic subscription packages designed to suit your business needs and budget.


Gain a solid grasp of global and domestic economic trends with detailed insights and forecasts


A reporting option with just the data and analysis you need to make strategic business decisions


Key analysis of economic news and trends specifically relating to the consumer and retail market


Detailed analysis and forecasts of global and domestic economic indicators per industry sector

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Included with All Subscriptions

We provide a full suite of valuable economic services with every subscription at no additional cost.

Dedicated Economist

Our economic team is always on hand to help you with any queries you may have regarding today's complex and often turbulent economic markets.

Quarterly Presentations

Every quarter, our Chief Economist delivers a detailed presentation, keeping you informed with the latest economic insights.

Budget Conference

Our annual budget conference is geared to help companies plan their financial year ahead, and as an Econometrix subscriber, you are automatically invited.

Ad Hoc Data Requests

We can supply extensive and detailed economic data on over 8200 time series, covering both domestic and international economic markets.

About Us

Econometrix is a leading independent economic consultancy in South Africa. We provide a full range of economic services, empowering our clients to make informed business decisions.

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